Three SIMPLE Shifts To SOULidify Your Goals… by Mariel Alvarado

Three SIMPLE Shifts To SOULidify Your Goals… by Mariel Alvarado

Today I’m going to share with your three shifts to SOULidify your goals so you can MANIFEST them and so you can fill your calendar with activities that empower you.

In the interim, you’ll learn how to stop dwelling on that bowl of ice cream and chase the carrot instead (and you’ll love it).

First a warning, SOULidified goals are not for wimps. 

Let’s be honest, you’re a total badass. You know you’re good at what you do and you have big goals. The problem is that somewhere between setting them and accomplishing them you get buried under a mountain of obligations, fatigue and your inspiration dwindles and your motivation dies.

Now, because I know that you’re a total badass…I know it’s a problem that you aren’t achieving your goals because you’re ready for growth, the next level, systems and a lot of peace and prosperity.

We both know this. Here’s the thing…Setting goals can be tricky. But all a goal is is focused energy and action towards something you light up about. The key word here is LIGHT up about

So it’s not that you can’t reach your goals, or that you don’t have what it takes. YOU DO!

In fact, I know for an absolute fact you have what it takes already. It’s a matter of setting the “right focus” and CONNECTING intensely to it.

After that…you need to “curate” the right action step, marketing, systems etc.

Actions steps that FEEL GOOD. You don’t have to sacrifice the journey in order to get to the destination.

Manifestation is the evidence that you intentionally set a goal, you infused it with sacred energy (passion, love, and action) and created space necessary for the universe to put a cherry on top.

You see…setting traditional goals is like trying to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow.

SOULidifying your goals is flying with the eagle wings you’ve been given!

You see, the problem is not that we don’t have what it takes to reach a goal the problem is you’re not really connected to it….#notreally.

Too often our goals unconsciously come from a headspace, our family, SOCIETY and our traditions…

Too often we set goals and action plans that exhaust us and suck the joy out of our days when we are implementing them.

So we give up.

But what if your goals came from the part of you that can activate this intense energy needed. There’s a part of you that knows exactly “what needs to happen for you” to get what the Universe wants to give you.

This part of you also knows when you’re not aligned with something.

THAT part of you has been waiting for you to slow down, pay attention and listen. AND I am here to tell you that THAT part of you has been waiting to give you the “strategy and the steps” you need to move forward in your business without sacrificing your joy.

That’s what happens when you let your SOUL be your CEO. Even if that sounds corny, goofy or totally granola. I totally stand by it 100%.

Do you want to learn 3 ways to SOULidify your goals?

Manifest Now! Learn the 3 Simple Shifts NOW!

Mariel Alvarado is a Client Acquisition Coach and Intuitive Marketing Strategist. She helps soulful experts and creative service providers figure out a plan and get premium clients. Book a Free Discovery Session and get a FREE plan!

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