Don’t jump on the bandwagon… JUMP OFF by Mariel Alvarado

Don’t jump on the bandwagon… JUMP OFF by Mariel Alvarado

Quick branding tip to help u stand out.💫⭐️🤑

Don’t jump on the bandwagon…Jump off.

Especially when it comes to birthing your brand.

DIY-ing your own brand is hard.  It’s certainly not for everyone.


Because of:

  • Your blind spots
  • Your fears
  • Your feelings of inadequacy
  • Your confusion

When you’re in the middle of the storm… it’s hard to see the big picture.

Simply said…you probably don’t fully own your unique awesomeness.

Your unique awesomeness is a combination of traits, characteristics, perspectives, passions, and just…idiosyncrasies.

In order to build a brand that stands out, you need to weave your unique awesomeness into your brand, your message, content and sales conversations…

A brilliant brand distills all of your idiosyncrasies (everything that’s particular to you) into a clear and unique vibe that offers your ideal clients a badass, consistent experience they LOVE.


Yes, your brand has a vibe (the unspoken energy of your brand).  This is what will attract your tribe girlfriend!

(Now’s a great opportunity for me to invite you to my join my tribe (my BBFs – Best Biz Friends).  You can join here if you want).

By tieing those unique characteristics, passions, mannerisms into your can carve out a unique selling proposition.

Even if you bought into a business in a box such as a franchise or anything like that.

There are so many opportunities to truly stand out.

For those brave souls who want to DIY BRAND…

Here’s my biggest piece of advice in 2019…

Don’t jump on the bandwagon. Jump off.  

Don’t follow the crowd because…it’s crowded.  Be different. Say something different.  There’s never been a better time to be you than NOW!

Go take a deep honest look at your strengths and your weaknesses.

Own them.

Be honest and humble and real.

Start there. Then weave all of those things back into your BRAND.  And remember your brand is a VIBE…an experience waiting to happen for your ideal clients.

What are three consistent feelings you want them to have everytime they come in touch with your brand (YOU)?  Treat these as a filter in everything you do and create.

If you are looking to have someone help you brand yourself and market yourself make sure they fully “get you”.  Make sure you two “vibe”.  They have to be able to really SEE you so they can really help you.



Mariel Alvarado is a Client Acquisition Coach and Intuitive Marketing Strategist. She helps soulful experts and creative service providers figure out a plan and get premium clients. Book a Free Discovery Session and get a FREE plan!

My Time-Out is listed on’s 2018 Top 30 Emotional Intelligence Blogs on the Planet!!!

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