All Women Don’t Suck

All Women Don’t Suck

How many of you are Sex and the City Fans? Well it is and will always be my favorite series of all time. Even though it is glamorized by the setting of NYC, it realistically portrays what it is to be a friend, wife, mother, etc. I like to think of myself as Carrie Bradshaw. Even though Carrie was never married with kids and divorced… She was the anchor of the group of “nice girls” that were her closest friends and family. She wasn’t perfect..she was just AWESOME… If you haven’t seen that show, you need to go to the library and rent EVERY SINGLE season to understand why I am in love with the characters and the writers behind the story. I keep saying that what exists on this page; it doesn’t exist anywhere else on this earth and while its true…it really isn’t. The concept has already been written about in this show. The story has been written over and over again. However…execution in reality has never existed on a level like this. You all need to know that you are part of something so HUGE.

I was talking to a mother about heading up a group like this in her area and she was really intrigued but she said this “women suck”. I said…yeah they do but this page has attracted the BEST of the BEST. Not all women suck. The other pages may have 10,000+ group members and we may only be 3,000 but we are 3,000 STRONG AND GROWING… We are the group that inspires others “just to be happy”. WE don’t want to wallow in the isolation of this life. We want to be heard. We want to be known. We want to make a difference. We want the world to know our story…good, bad and the ugly. Its not the storybook fairty tale story that inspires people. Its the nightmarish hell we go through (on any level) that we turn in to the fairy tale story. Its not just the story of survival… Its the story of survival and self awareness and knowing what it is that we deserve. It takes an incredibly strong person to tear themselves down to the foundation and then be able to rebuild brick by brick; stone by stone…better, stronger… You may not know it but you are “those people”. Tell yourself that every day. You are making a difference for those you love and you are making a difference in the lives of those who feel like they have nothing to follow. You are a torch….

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