Who am I?

Renee is Reiki I & II certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing
I AM a Soulful Being living in my purpose.
I AM a loving Mother of two.
I AM an Intuitive Light Worker.
I AM a Mental Health Advocate.
I AM a Community Builder.
I AM a published Author.
I AM a motivational Speaker.
I AM am a Guide on your journey…

What is my story?

I was a victim of many life circumstances that all started from the moment I was born. I was given up for a adoption at the inception of my birth. I was blessed by my birth mother with a divine gift; a chance at a better life than what she could give me. Unfortunately, the silver lining was always surrounded by dark stormy clouds. I suffered from child abuse the first 18 years of my life. That abuse led to 22 more years of severe ups and downs. The shadows of my past were always lurking around the corner. I was so broken that I constantly made decisions based on fear. Many of those choices led me to hurt myself or to hurt others on my road to salvation but  the Universe ALWAYS had my back. When I veered off the path I was led to follow, the Universe would leave me ethereal breadcrumbs in the hopes I would always find my way back to the blessing my birth mother left with me when she said goodbye; a chance at a better life.

When did I get on the right path?

Life started to shift when I chose not to be a victim anymore.
When I hit rock bottom, I chose LOVE over FEAR. 
When the loneliness and pain became unbearable and the threat of leaving my children without a mother became a reality.
 I could no longer live in the belief that I could find inner peace and fulfillment from material objects or other people.
I had to choose my-SELF.

Where has that path led me?

There has been one consistent theme throughout my life. I have known that with every struggle and throughout all the pain, I have been DIVINELY GUIDED. I have always had the gift of intuitive sight. It has come to me in so many ways. When I was living in fear I couldn’t SEE, HEAR or FEEL but at many crossroads; when I was on the verge of losing myself, Divine Intervention took over. Once I accepted that my Divine guides were one with me and I one with them, I felt safe and I didn’t feel alone anymore.
We are all born with the Divine right to exist in peace and happiness. Throughout my life and more so in recent years, I have felt guided to help others who are struggling in silence. That is my purpose in this life and that is the code I live by.  
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If you’re still reading this, it’s because you are being divinely guided.
WHO am I?
WHAT is holding me back?
WHEN am I going to SEE, HEAR, and FEEL?
WHERE is my path leading?
WHY do I exist?
I represent the ethereal bread crumbs. 
I am here to help light your way.

How can I guide you?

I don’t predict the future.
I can’t predict the future.
I am ready to connect to my-SELF! Book a complimentary call…
EVERYONE possesses intuition and the Universe is constantly sending you messages, signs and guidance through intuitive downloadsI use my intuitive gifts as tools to help YOU gain clarity, insight, and information so YOU can uncover the answers to these eternal inquiries.
I clear the fog. I bring energetic balance using Reiki and the Usui System of Natural Healing as well as Oracle Cards and Healing Crystals. I open up your sight, hearing, and feeling. Together, we will plant seeds in your spiritual garden of life.


– Renee
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