A note from Sarah and Ally: When Sarah first met Renee at a networking event, her bright smile and contagious happiness were what stood out. It’s immediately apparent that she cares about the person she’s talking to, she’s truly interested in other people, and she’s here to make a difference for as many women as she can. Her smile will make you smile, and she is full of energy, vibrant with life, and incredibly warm.

Upon first meeting Renee, you would never know that she’s struggled with dark moments, and that one of her biggest triumphs to date is that she’s still alive. We knew that Renee’s story would become one of the more important in our book as it falls into the hands of women everywhere who are facing the unbearable. We have no control over what life will hand us, but we always have control over how we respond to it. This story illustrates that better than most. And we want to personally thank Renee for her courage, grit, and generosity in sharing her darkest moments, and her true definition of success, which bucks everything we’ve been taught as women. We see this definition of success as simple: LIVE.

Every life matters, everyone is here to share their unique talents, insights, and experiences with others. We need each other, and sometimes it’s up to us to create the communities we need to flourish. Just because things aren’t handed to us on a silver platter, doesn’t mean we don’t deserve them. The point is to get up, get out there, and share ourselves with a world that is hungry for our specific gifts.

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