Welcome! My name is Renee Jensen. I am so humbled that you stopped by. I am an author, an entrepreneur, a coach and mentor. Most importantly I am a mother just like you.

Motherhood is full of joy and blessings but comes with great responsibility and sacrifice.  Along the way, many of us are faced with struggles that can feel impossible to bear alone.  I have personally experienced many of these struggles; loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression. My belief is that while we may have a spouse or a partner to support us through these rough times, it really takes a village to raise a family. Some of us are doing it ALL alone but I believe strongly that it takes a village of other moms who can relate and share in each others joy and pain. I was born in South Korea in 1976. I was adopted by an American family and moved to the U.S. when I was 7 months old.  I spent my entire childhood in Illinois, as well as a good portion of my adult life. In 2004, I relocated from Chicago to Jackson Hole, WY where I met my now ex-husband and gave birth to my two children who are now 10 and 8. We spent six years out west until economic times took its toll and caused us to separate and divorce.  

During my time out west, I was blessed to be surrounded by a network of women who nursed me through some of the hardest times of my life.  My ex-husband had permanently relocated to his home state of New Jersey and I had followed suit with our children in 2011. It was an extremely difficult decision to make seeing as though I had no support network on the east coast but it was the right thing to do. I wanted my children to grow up with two parents and this seemed to be the only way to accomplish that.  

I spent the following years doing everything I could to rebuild my life. I was very poor and not receiving any child support. I worked hard and went from job to job trying to better my situation. It was hard but I did what I had to do with no friends and no family. Every year got a little easier and I became more and more financially stable. I was missing one thing in my life and I knew it. I was missing female friends.  

I was a member of a local mom’s Facebook page.  I had never been very active on the page but I watched the interactions. There was a lot of mom shaming that went on and I decided I did not want to be a part of the group anymore. I was just about to remove myself from the page when one evening I posted up a “friend wanted” ad. It read:  

“If anybody wants to get a drink or an appetizer some time, let me know”

Bergen County Mommies Time Out was born that February evening back in 2015. 250 other moms responded to that post in a matter of few hours. I created the FB group that night.  One week later 50 moms gathered in to a crowded bar in search of a village.  They took matters in to their own hands in order to create their own community.

Since then, the group has grown in to a family of women who come from every different walk of life. I am proud to say that we have all come together to support and lift each other up. Whether it be through the FB group that is now called Mommies Time-Out, the events sponsored by My Time-Out LLC, or through the inspirational content and resources on this website; please find the much needed TIME-OUT you deserve. 

I welcome you. The women of this community welcome you. Know that you are never alone. We hope to meet you soon.

XOXO, Renee

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