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My Time-Out Founder, Renee Jensen
Connecting to SELF; Mind, Body, and Spirit makes it possible to achieve a life of peace, balance, and fulfillment.

My Time-Out was founded in 2015, by Renee Jensen in Bergen County, NJ.

Renee is an intuitive spiritual healer who is Reiki certified First and Second degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing. Renee’s specific area of expertise is in distance healing .

My Time-Out is a multi-faceted brand that focuses on mental health among mothers and their families. It supports positive mental health and wellness as well as community building. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean that you only issue the TIME-OUT’s, but that you also need them for your own well being.

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“I see many people who have recently experienced something traumatic and others who want to talk through or process something that happened to them many years ago.  There’s no wrong way or time to seek therapy. No matter when someone seeks treatment, it means it’s the right time for them!”

Julia works with adolescents, young adults, adults, and couples who are motivated to explore their anxiety, depression, life transitions, career changes, relationship concerns and/or professional choices.

She has specialized expertise in working with victims of crime, trauma and interpersonal violence and an extensive background providing services to survivors of child abuse, rape/sexual assault and domestic violence. For nearly 20 years, Julia has been working with survivors of trauma and crime in hospital-based and private practice settings. She previously led New York Presbyterian’s Victim Intervention Program (VIP) providing acute emergency room support, counseling, and case management services to crime and trauma victims and their families; prior to that, Julia also worked at The Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention (SAVI) Program at Mount Sinai Hospital in a similar capacity.

Julia maintains an office in Midland Park, NJ (Bergen County) as well as a satellite office in Manhattan conveniently located near Grand Central Station.

Bachelor of Science – University of Delaware
Masters of Social Work – Columbia University

Post-Graduate Training:
New York University – Clinical and Advanced Clinical Certificates
The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy – Certification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Professional Affiliations:
National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
Women’s Mental Health Consortium (WMHC)

Certified Expert Witness (Domestic Violence) – Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
Certified Expert Witness (Domestic Violence) – Bronx District Attorney’s Office
Lydia Martinez Awardee –  Outstanding Rape Crisis Professional

Meet Julia…

Miri is a dedicated Financial Adviser, working with individuals, families, and business owners to organize and simplify their financial lives. With a focus on education and empowerment, she is passionate about providing tools to help fulfill their hopes and dreams.  

Whether your goals are to save for retirement, education, estate planning strategies, or risk protection, she can customize a strategy for your specific needs.

I’ve enjoyed taking on new challenges and responsibilities throughout my career, including positions with Wells Fargo Advisors, Smith Barney and PNC Investments. I currently hold Series 7 & 66 Registrations, Life, Health & Accident Insurance Licenses and have received the CRPC® and CRPS® designations.  

A native of Bergen County, NJ, I live in Mahwah with my husband and daughter and serve as a Director of the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce. I am also passionate about supporting our community, and volunteer with several local non-profits.

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Reiki Master & Intuitive Healer, Karen Foote

Karen possesses nearly 20 years of professional experience in Massage Therapy and Bodywork.

Karen is the owner and sole therapist within her practice. She’s been practicing massage professionally since 2000 and Reiki since 2010. In February 2014 Karen was called to become a Reiki Master Teacher and opened up REBALANCE in July of 2015. She works with the Angels, sees the Chakras clairvoyantly and receives message from Spirit.

Karen Foote is the owner of Rebalance Reiki and Massage in Westwood NJ. She’s a Reiki Master Teacher & Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. She can connect with Spirit and intuitively reads the body and rebalances your energetic system. For more info check out her website at / FB @bringingbalance / IG @rebalancereiki

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Creator of Make Space for Blessings™, Gayle Gruenberg
At Let’s Get Organized, we believe that a home should be the place where we feel happy, safe, calm, loved, and at peace.

Being organized can play a major role in achieving all that we want in life;

When we start to organize, we start moving around the energy in our homes and in our lives, causing us to examine what works and what no longer serves us;

When we organize, we give ourselves the room to be who we are, to get closer to the people who are most important to us, and to get closer to G-d or our higher power;

When we live by our values, making decisions about what is important to us is easy.  That means we can choose what to put into our lives – people, things, how we spend our time, and how we spend our money.

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Founder of Art Mends Hearts, Susan Horn-Greif
Many people are subconsciously paralyzed by a variety of issues that prevent them from living life to the fullest.

Art Mends Hearts, founded by Susan Greif and based in Englewood, New Jersey, uses the expressive and healing arts – spanning from movement, music, writing and art to drama, meditation, breathing and regression — to bring the subconscious to the surface so that clients become aware of what is keeping them from crossing their own bridges.

The expressive arts help bring the psyche to the conscious more quickly than traditional talk therapy by making thoughts and emotions more readily perceptible and tangible. This way, a client can sooner begin to reconstruct his/her thoughts and learn strategies and coping skills so that he/she can heal faster and start to move forward confidently and in a positive direction.

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Mariel Alvarado
Creator of SOULidfy Your Time and Money Like A Boss, Mariel Alvarado
EVERYTHING is worth SOULidifying…

We believe it’s so important to excel at something that gives you purpose, peace and prosperity – in fact, it is a philosophy our entire team lives by.

It doesn’t matter what you want to create or pursue. We live by the belief that anything worth creating is worth being anchored in awesomeness that delivers, inner purpose, peace and prosperity. .

Along with the belief that everything is worth being anchored in inner and outer awesomeness – we also believe that no one succeeds alone.

Our boundaries are that…we’ve got your back and will hold you as powerful EVERY STEP of the way… and then some.

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NORWEX Executive Sales Leader, Jamie Silver

Norwex is revolutionizing the way people take care of their homes and families by saving them time, money and eliminating their use of harmful chemicals. Jamie is a leader in the world of Direct Sales and she speaks openly about her journey and what has brought her success in an industry that is made up largely by the mom population.

Jamie has recently created a “Chemical Free Classroom” initiative and invites all educators (schools, day cares, early childhood development centers, etc.) to learn simple, safe and effective strategies keep your classroom clean and germ-free all school year long!

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Dynamic Health 101 Founder, Kimberly Schultz-Ferrentino
“I empower people to live a healthy, disease free life”

I spent my early years always feeling tired, fatigued and challenged with learning disabilities.  Each year I struggled with the feeling that I was being left behind and incapable of reaching my potential.   After the birth of my children I could no longer just drudge through each day and kept feeling worse and worse with insomnia, undiagnosable chronic pain, brain fog and lack of energy and motivation.

Finally, I  knew something had to change or I end up living the life of a crippled 80 year old or worse.  After  searching for answers from various conventional and alternative doctors, I came to discover that with the right foods and supplements my health could finally improve and I am continually feeling younger and more rejuvenated each day.  I can finally cherish the gift of life and want to share it with others. 

I have now devoted my life to helping other’s feel good and preventing disease and illness. I do this in my Wellness Practice and Health Coaching, Introducing Essential Oils, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars and Community Service providing healthy cooking, nutritional and essential oil knowledge and Raindrop Therapy.

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Owner, Tutor Doctor North Jersey – Jessica Bush
Jessica understands that learning is often about more than just mastering academics.

Whether it’s test anxiety or school avoidance, she is sensitive to the range of issues students struggle with today. Her expertise in helping families address these concerns holistically – and doing what it takes to meet their needs – is the reason why Tutor Doctor Bergen Rockland has become the go-to resource for those with complex learning challenges that are outside of the mainstream.

Her commitment to helping others and sensitivity to mental health advocacy is something Jessica learned from her mother, and she credits her father with her love of art. She spent 25 years selling fine art and photography to collectors and galleries around the world, and her innate ability to sense the emotional connection between artists and the work they collect was the secret to her success.

Weaving together these twin legacies, Jessica sees the emotional connection between each student and their learning progress and seeks creative, out-of-the-box solutions to helping them overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Changing Lives; we are ever present for our students; there for them where they are at. Our Values: Understanding, Curiosity, Ingenuity, Ownership, Grit!

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