MTO’s Virtual Village®

What is it?

My Time-Out’s VV® is a national online community of mom’s who support and respect each other. Do you feel isolated and scared to share your experiences on social media? Are you looking for a place where other moms are waiting to support and encourage you on your journey?

Renee Jensen, founded My Time-Out over three years ago. She created a very safe and special place called Mommies Time-Out on FB in Bergen County, NJ; 15 miles outside of New York City. 90% of its members are from the local tri-state area and 10% come from other states all over the country.

The Mommies Time-Out community on FB has served as a safe haven for so many moms in the NJ/NYC region. Renee Jensen, its founder, felt there was a great need to create a social network/community where mother’s could go and CHOOSE whether or not they wanted to share the face behind their story. 

This is that village! The MTO community is a family. There is nothing but light and love and its members, who come from all different walks of life practice respect, empathy, & control in their support of each other!

What does it offer?

  • Community
  • Support
  • Anonymity (once registered you will be able create your own “resident” avatar)
  • A safe space to talk about the good stuff but also the “tough” stuff (all residents will be required to sign the MTO Oath and Code of Conduct; promising to be discreet, objective, respectful, kind, and in control)
  • Light & Love

What is VV® NOT?

  • A place for judgment or shaming
  • Gossiping
  • A place for drama or entertainment


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