Put away the scale… YOU ARE ENOUGH! by Caryn O’Sullivan, INHC, CHHC

Put away the scale… YOU ARE ENOUGH! by Caryn O’Sullivan, INHC, CHHC

I tell my clients to put away the scale. Some look at me with relief, others with trepidation; others with a combination of both emotions.  The scale represents so much – too much sometimes. We often allow the scale to tell us how we ought to feel that day: Two pounds too heavy; Not thin enough; A failure for not reaching the weekly goal.  Why would you want to subject yourself to this every day, sometimes multiple times a day?

It’s not how you look, but how you feel.

My experience with the scale has always been negative.  For many years it controlled my life. I wasn’t thin enough, good enough, strong enough, pretty enough….bold statements coming from a few numbers below my feet. But they influenced how I stood on my feet. Those numbers told me how I should feel. I would weigh myself two, three, sometimes up to five times a day.  Even if I felt okay, the numbers told a different story, and would instantly change my mood.

The first thing I did when I took control of my health was throw out the scale. I no longer wanted to be controlled by it.  As I started on my health journey sans scale, I was finally able to just concentrate on how I felt, not just how I looked (or how I should look).  I was able to listen to what my body needed, eat when hungry, listen to my cravings and decide which foods worked and which did not agree with me. I began to trust my body and look at myself in a new way.  

Body image is a major issue these days among men and women, young and old. Society demands so much of our time, thoughts and self. We are told how to dress, how to feel and how to act.  Look, feel or act outside of those boundaries and you are not normal…not accepted…not enough. By taking the scale away, you begin to change the I AM’s that come from your mouth, and that is the most powerful thing you can do.

It’s not how you look, but how you feel.   

By creating this confidence, you begin to release yourself from another thing that tells you how you are allowed to feel.  As moms we have enough guilt, anxiety and fear racing around our heads on a daily (or hourly basis).  You don’t need the added “weight” of the scale. Toss the scale and take a step towards true self-acceptance, healing and self-love.

Caryn O’Sullivan is an Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach, founder of Appetites for Life, and Mom of two beautiful young girls. She supports women who struggle with low energy, weight management, cravings and body image with a 5–step program that teaches how to tune-into your body, tune-up your health, and tap into the power of food. For more information please visit at our FB page, Appetites For Life.

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