Expressions of Gratitude…


“Meeting Renee, I instantly felt she could help me on my journey. In talking to her, it has been like talking with an old friend. She offers so much love and attention to her clients and their readings. The amount of devotion she has spent to get everything just right, makes you know you are in good hands.

Her insights and how she explains them makes the information clear and easy to digest. Having it also sent to you makes it easy to go back and refer to, or delve deeper into on your own.

Renee has clearly been put here to help and guide others along their paths and she has perfectly found her groove and unique way to do that.”

– Mariel

“Renee really does have a gift and went above an beyond in giving me resources and tools that helped me understand the information that came through in our healing session.

More importantly both times I worked with her she gave me information that confirmed certain things that were going on in my life.

Renee has a heart of gold and is super honest which I think is super important in her line of work. Love you Renee!!”

– Sandy

“I got a distance read from Renee. This was a new experience for me. Her reading was insightful and touched on areas that I was not expecting. Her calm and steady demeanor is calming and she verbalize in a way that I could relate to.”


– Alisa

“I had Renee help me with distance Reiki for a dear cousin who was undergoing hospice treatment. Renee provided her the energy she needed to come to terms with the end of her life.

For the privacy of my cousin, I can’t disclose too much, but Renee saw images and knew her deepest fears, and because I happened to be aware of these issues, my visits to my cousin allowed her to come to a certain place of peace and relief.

During the tough emotional time of saying farewell, Renee provided me with distance Reiki session. Renee’s Reiki healing included a cord cutting from harmful people and allowed me to see the situation more clearly and continue working productively despite an emotionally tumultuous time. With this I was given the clarity to elevate a kind, sweet cousin and friend.” –

– Jen

“Renee is an amazing and intuitive soul. She did a distance Reiki healing on me. I was a little bit hesitant at first but I’m so happy I trusted Renee to do a reading. She is an amazing resource and completes a detailed report about the Reiki session. The insight into my life was like nothing I had ever experienced.

The cards she drew and her intuition through meditation spoke about my present individual struggles and my hopes and dreams. She is an amazingly intuitive guide. She can tap into your energy and your personal journey.

I can’t speak enough about how amazing Renee’s service is and I will continue to go back to her for future Reiki healings. All I’m going to say is her service is invaluable and spoke to my heart and soul. Thank you Renee for all that you do. You have a true gift to offer the world; healing and spiritual guidance at its most intuitive level.”

– Sherry

So I had Renee do a distance Reiki session on me last weekend. I only had it done one time before so wasn’t really sure what to expect. But we decided on a time to start and that I could be meditating myself or busy doing what I’m usually doing. I thought this was weird but said, “OK she knows what she’s talking about.” The day of the session, I had completely forgotten. I was in the midst of getting my kids together to get my son to dance class. W”e were rushing. I usually leave my house about 830 for a 9AM lesson. We didn’t get into the car till about 8:43. I was now rushing thinking he was going to be late. Well I started driving and just felt calm, like I wasn’t in a rush. I had made almost every light green and just as I crossed over the train tracks the bells started dinging. It was at this moment that I literally said in my head:

Wow someone is watching. Wow I can’t believe how calm I am.

Anyone who knows me knows that me and driving and the word calm don’t go together. We made it to his dance class and things weren’t going as planned and everything was a bit chaotic. At this point I still had not remembered that the Reiki session was in full swing. At around 9:45 I looked around and thought wow I’m noticeably relaxed (another thing I am not) and it was at this moment that I remembered. At this moment I popped on Facebook and she had messaged me. She started telling me about the session. She started (about 8:45AM) and said she visualized me running and she had to calm me down in the middle of it (likely during the chaotic time around 9am) and that she had asked an archangel to watch over me – which must have been what was allowing me to be calm and make all the lights and the train. All the parts of the session matched up with my life and what is going on. I honestly can not believe how insanely accurate all of it was, and trust me I believe in psychics and that sort of thing but still… It was nothing short of amazing. I do plan to continue doing it to keep myself more grounded. I seriously can’t wait for the next one.

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