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Moms’ Night Out???

Yeah right…

No time? Do you have a newborn? Do you have three kids under the age of 8?

No money? Do you find yourself not being able to fit a Girls Night Out in to your budget?

No sitter? Does your hubby get scared being left home alone with the kids? So scared that it just happens that he has to work late the night you finally find the will and motivation to get out of the house?

Are you desperate to “GET OUT” of the house?  Are you tired of staring at the clock, wondering what you are going to do to kill the time???

You think, “Yeah, I could take the nuggets to the park or the mall but, I NEED TO INTERACT WITH OTHER MOMS!!!”  We have a solution for you.  Join our Mommies Time-Out “GET -OUT” Facebook Group!  There are dozens of moms just like you who don’t have the time or the resources to get to a “MOMS ONLY” event.  We set up events sponsored by My Time-Out LLC or you can create your own PLAY-DATE.  It is WAY LESS INTIMIDATING than initiating an awkward conversation on the playground or at the play area at the mall.  Meet other moms who feel the same way you do.  YOU AREN’T ALONE!!!

Just “GET OUT”, kill some time, and maybe make a new friend in the process!!!

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