Who Am I? by Anonymous

Who Am I? by Anonymous

For over 30 years I ran around like a chicken without a head. My husband worked shift work, which means he wasn’t always around to help. I ran the kids to swimming and dance classes, and arts and crafts. Then sports started. I volunteered for everything, including the snack stand, uniforms, fundraising.

I signed up to help run picture day for both sports and school pictures. Then my kids joined Travel Club Teams. Chaperoning, fundraising and Parent/Coach liaison help was always needed. I volunteered for that too. PTA needed help, sometimes for multiple schools because my youngest was 8 years younger then my middle child.  At one point I had 3 kids in 3 different schools!  High School, Middle School and Elementary! That year I was on two PTA’s and helped with the Football Team’s 90 person Practice Lunches. I’ve lost count on how many Pasta Dinners I’ve hosted! I talked my husband into chairing Project Graduation events. It was a family affair of volunteering. Running from place to place was our life. I LOVED IT! My two daughters played sports in college too, so there was a lot of traveling along the East Coast to watch them play.

It was during those trips, alone in the car with my husband, that I began to realize it was just he and I now. The kids didn’t need me anymore; not much anyway. Who was I? Was I an empty nester? Why was I feeling so lost? I have three adult children; two are married, one grandchild and one more on the way. My youngest has an apartment, so now it’s just my husband and I at home. I still define myself as a Mom when asked “What do you do?” You spend 36 years of your life taking care of your kids, and then they move out. You find yourself wondering who you are.

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