Over Touched… by Brave & Honest

Over Touched… by Brave & Honest

I was asked to write about sex as a blog and I had no idea what to say. Honestly ever since having kids, my life changed drastically as I’m sure everyone’s life changes. If I could go back and tell myself all this was going to happen, I wouldn’t believe it. At this point sex almost feels like a chore now I don’t get a chance to enjoy it as much as I used too.

Recently, a new term was introduced to me from a mom that has twins. I don’t have twins, but I have two kids that are so attached to me and always under my feet. By the end of the day, this term fits me to a tee; “over touched”. I felt relieved to have a term that describes me perfectly.

My youngest is still a lap kid, needs to be touching someone while sitting on the couch, requires so much attention and cries at the smallest thing (like not having the right underwear on). Add on my older one that requires just as much attention and mommy time, I’m so done by the time my husband gets home.

My husband then requires my attention to tell me about his day while the kids are crying and screaming, I try to pay attention. It is so hard to keep everyone happy and I’m not sure where I place my happiness within all the crazy, I see every day.

It even gets crazy before bedtime with the kids. They will fight over who gets to lay down with mommy.

No one wants daddy (which makes daddy feel awesome)

I have to reassure that everyone loves daddy and the kids just like to cause trouble and are tired. This happens almost every night. By the time the kids are finally asleep, I just want to sit in quiet and be alone for a while.  It doesn’t happen. My husband wants a chat or go over some things and follows me around from room to room.  I need to reset my over-touched button with some alone time, which doesn’t happen often enough.

I am not a touchy-feely kind of person. So, to have two kids that require so much attention and affection all day, I’m done and I’m over-touched by 5 pm. Sex is so far out of my mind by the time I go to bed because I have had enough of the touching all day long.

Having a break from the kids for a couple of hours does help to reset my over-touched issue so it’s not that sex is off the table, it just doesn’t happen as often as it did prior to kids. I’m sure many moms can relate, but I love the term over-touched. So much I had to share it with someone today.

Anonymously written by a Facebook Mommies Time-Out Community Member

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