I can feel the anxiety creeping in… by Susan Horn-Greif

I can feel the anxiety creeping in… by Susan Horn-Greif

Do you ever feel anxious?

Does your heart start to race when you’re facing something that’s outside your comfort zone?

Does fear and negative thinking take over your mind as soon as you’re about to begin an overwhelming project, or when dealing with social situations?

Here are 5 quick tips to slow down your heart rate, relax your muscles, and calm your mind:

1. BE AWARE – When you are aware, it gives you a moment to pause, breathe, think and act… not react.

2. BREATHE – Inhale through your nose for 5 counts, expanding through your belly then lungs, hold for 5 counts, then exhale as if though you are sighing with your mouth closed for 5 counts, making sure to let all the air out of your belly as if though you are tightening your belt. Repeat at least two more times.

3. QUIET YOUR ENERGY – Rub your hands together for a count of 30. Place both hands over your heart for a count of 30, then place them over your eyes and forehead for a count of 30.

4. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS – Be aware of them. Ask yourself, “Are they true or are they false expectations appearing real?” Ask, “Who made me believe this?” Choose an alternative positive thought. Repeat that 10 times.

5. TAKE AN ACTION – To feel less overwhelmed, break large or intimidating actions down into small, easy-to-manage steps.

Need help finding balance in your life? Check out my website www.artmendshearts.com and contact me at artmendshearts@gmail.com for further tips and strategies to help you move forward.

Susan Greif (www.ArtMendsHearts.com) is a Creative Transformational Expert and Healing Arts Professional who uses the expressive, creative and healing arts to help women and children find emotional freedom from anxieties that kept them feeling paralyzed, panicked and in pain. Her clients learn how to let go of anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, relationship issues, eating disorders and learning disabilities.

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