Gymnastic Tricks To Transition Your Clients Into New Offers by Mariel Alvarado

Gymnastic Tricks To Transition Your Clients Into New Offers by Mariel Alvarado

What do you do when your contract is up with a client or you are finished delivering your service?

  • Do you go out and get a new client?
  • Do you sell them another package?
  • Do you say goodbye and never talk to them again until you have another offer?

Today we are going to talk about 3 little known gymnastic tricks to transition your existing clients into hew offers.

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One of the biggest struggles consultants and high-end service providers have is always feeling like they must get NEW clients.  I call it the client hamster wheel and let’s be honest, it can be stressful to always live in this energy.

While your pipeline should always be full of “ideal clients,” the truth is that running a business model that depends 100% on always getting new clients can leave you feeling as exhausted as the energizer bunny running on low batteries.

Getting new clients all the time requires you to have a fabulous marketing strategy that brings in new sales calls consistently and it requires you to be a sales ninja that has an incredible closing rate in your sales calls.  Can you do it? ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY!!

But…How cool would it be to have half of your revenue coming from repeat business as well?

Here’s the deal.   Transitioning your clients into a new program or offer is NOT about YOU. IT’S ABOUT THEM 🙂

Caring about your clients means that you create PATHS and solutions for them, so they don’t have to do it alone.

On top of that, getting a new client is exponentially more costly than serving an existing one because an existing client already KNOWS you, LIKE’S you and TRUST’S you.

The chances of them signing up with you again if you show them that you have the “next step” to their success figured out…are much higher.

GYMNASTIC TRICK #1:  Have you figured out what’s next for them? If not…time to get busy! Schedule a “What’s Next Call” with your client.

Having “the next step” offer tells your clients you’re ready to keep delivering results.  It tells them you’re prepared and believe it or not, that is telling them that you are one step ahead of them and that is very reassuring.

For example, I have a client who is a super high-end project manager. When the project she was working on ended she thought it was time to find a new client and I thought to myself…why?

So, I coached her on how to transition her client into a new offer.

Turns out that now that project was over, her client was going to be away traveling for a couple of months and needed help managing another project.

The other project was a little different but still required someone with the specialized skill set of my client.

My point is, her client would have looked for help elsewhere had my client not conducted the “what’s next call” to find out what her new goals were.

She would have totally missed the opportunity to keep working with her client had she not been prepared with a new offer, which brings me to…

Gymnastic Trick #2:  Have an outline of a new offer ready by the time you get on the call with your client.

At this point, you know your client better than any other consultant.  Trust your intuition and ask yourself this question: What does she/he need to do next to achieve more results?

It’s really a simple question.  Then ask yourself if you’re ready to help her/him in any way, shape or form.

Then create an offer and have it ready by the time you talk.

(If you’d like an outline on how to create a badass “what’s next offer” come to our FREE training CLICK HERE)

Now a next step call doesn’t have to be sales-y, pitch-y or anything like that.  It really should be coming from a place of “caring” and “curiosity” about your client.

It can be a call where you assess their growth, their accomplishments and what’s the next thing they want to accomplish.

One of my mentors once taught me a powerful mindset and that was, “I want a customer for life”.  Don’t you love that? I do.

Gymnastic Trick #3:  Know what kind of offer you’re prepared to offer.

Even if you don’t know the full-on details or delivery schedule of your new offer, you can still create a badass offer and have an outline ready to talk about during your call.

Here are 3 different things you can offer your clients next:

You can always offer them something that will give them results FASTER like a VIP day…let’s face it…in today’s day and age, time is scarce and it’s a non-renewable resource once it’s spent it’s gone. If they want results FASTER…maybe you offer them a VIP day…Be a nice girl and at least let them know you are available for this if they need it.

Give them more of the same!  There’s no rule that you can’t give your client more of what they already love!!  But so many consultants lack the confidence to offer more of the same because they are either assuming their customer doesn’t want it, doesn’t need it or can’t afford it.

Offer something different!

I love creating offers.  It’s one of my favorite things to talk about…specifically how to create offers that leverage your time (that’s kind of my jam).

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